In the late 1970's, Helena Hibbs, a local quilt teacher, felt the need for quilters in Dallas and the surrounding areas to form a group that would allow them to quilt together and learn from each other. At the urging of her students, Helena set a date. On November 7, 1979, she and other quilters gathered at a local cafeteria for an organizational meeting.

That group set lofty goals for themselves. They wanted the Guild to preserve the heritage of quilting, to be the source of information and inspiration, and to perpetuate a high quality of excellence in quilting. Since that first meeting of the Quilter's Guild of Dallas, the Guild has grown to include as many as 700 members in a given year. 

The Guild boasts a nationally recognized grant program, numerous friendship groups, an extensive library, a highly respected annual quilt show, and regular meetings and workshops featuring nationally known speakers and teachers.

The Quilter's Guild of Dallas, Inc. owes a debt of gratitude to the individuals listed below for laying the foundation of the organization we enjoy today.

Helena Hibbs, Founder

Sandra P. Al-Ubaidi

Dotti Anderson

Ruth Anderson

Carolyn Arnold

Lou Bauman

Diamond C. Bauman

Susan Bennett

Camille Blomeyer

Sally Bogatko

Linda Boyer

Nancy Brown

Sue Buford

Ann Carpenter

Lynette Chiles

Helen Chiles

Suzanne  Cook

Audrey Couvillon

Mary Lou Debolt

Darrella Deubel

Muriel Dreyfus

Ruth Field

Charlotte Fowler

Martha Gage

Mary Kelly Grunbaum

Mina Hahnel

Sharon Hamilton

Jeanette Hansen

Lea Hemphill

Mary Curl Hidell

Amy Hlad

Diana Kelly

Bertha L. Kovac

Isabelle Lorence

Sherry Lundquest

Audrey Manley

Mary Massey

Marjorie McBeath

Opal McCleary

Marion McCracken

Lucille McDonald

Janet McKinnon

Evelyn McMillan

Kandace Meek

Frances Moyer Morris

Karen Morris

Connie Moyer

Verna Niehaus

Bea Orgish

Jolene Phillips

Irene Powell

Donna Pratley

Dorothy Richards

Kathryn Riesz

Monica Sapp

Carol Schwartz

Fran Scott

Diane Inez Sharp

Karen Slattery

La Trelle Sommers

Julie Barnes Steger

Ramona Stoker

Laura Hobby Syler

Eleanor Tague

Tricia Van Buskirk

Nancy Vasquez

Bettie Waldie

Linda Waller

Mildred Wittie