Following are thumbnail illustrations of quilt patterns currently available from the Quilter's Guild of Dallas. The blocks in these patterns were designed by guild members as part of the annual block contest held in conjunction with Dallas Quilt Celebration.

To view larger versions of the pattern covers, click on the thumbnail image.

You can obtain these patterns at the Guild Store during the annual show, at Guild meetings (save shipping charges!) or via mail.

If you would like to mail order one or more of these patterns, mail us a note indicating your choice(s) and enclose the appropriate pattern cost & shipping charges. If you are ordering more than one pattern, please email us at the address below and inquire about shipping charges. We may be able to save you a little money.

Send the order to:

Guild Store
Quilter's Guild of Dallas
305 Spring Creek Village, Box 521
Dallas, Texas 75248

Once our "store manager" has your order in hand she will send it Priority Mail as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Guild Store Manager.  Guild members may feel free to contact her by phone.


Dallas Album


+ 4.50 shipping

$19.50 Total

Hometown USA


+ 7.50 shipping

$17.50 Total



+ 4.50 shipping

$9.50 Total

Art Nouveau Garden


+$4.50 shipping

$19.50 Total