Awards (1st, 2nd & 3rd place) from Dallas Quilt Show 2020

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Photos courtesy of Jan De Meulder and Sam Lucas who worked many hours so we can share the quilt entries with you.

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Best of Show

Sacred -- Karen K Stone (entry 333)



Betty Carpenter Memorial Award for Overall Handwork

Ruffled -- Linda M. Roy (Entry 24)


Judge's Choice Awards

Judge Malka Dubrawsky:  Manhattan -- Heather Pregger (Entry 317)


Judge Sue Nickels:  Dream's Garden -- SunMee Seen (Entry 18)


Judge Gerald Roy:  Wonky -- Lynette Koelzer (Entry 316)

Merit Hand Quilting

Master Division:  Bluebonnets Midnight Dance -- Diane Leclair (Entry 26)


Artisan Division:  In the Vineyard -- Christine Morel  (Entry 188)


Open Division:  Retro Star -- Katherine Dossman (Entry 321)


Pride of Dallas

Chosen by Mini Auction beneficiary, Life Restoration

Neighbors -- Vicki Conley (Entry 6)


Master Division Large Pieced (101)

1st Place-- Jester's Jubilee -- Tami Graeber (Entry 7)

2nd Place-- Feathers -- Lynette Koelzer (Entry 12)

3rd Place-- Circular Nine Patch -- Mary Jo McDonnell (Entry 11)

Master Division Large Applique (102)

1st Place-- The Twisted Sister -- Margaret Solomon Gunn (Entry 21)

2nd Place-- Imagine Zimbabwe -- Barbara McCraw (Entry 23)


3rd Place-- Cog Wheels-- Lynette Koelzer (Entry 25)

Master Division Wall Quilt (103)

1st Place-- Almost Paisley -- Kerri Green (Entry 38)


2nd Place-- Taking the Unmapped Road -- Margaret Solomon Gunn (Entry 39)


3rd Place-- Playing Well Together, A Modern Sampler -- Jackie Nixon-Fulton  (Entry 33)


Master Division Two-Person Wall Quilt (104)

1st Place-- The Gardens of a King -- Jennifer Carter (Entry 71)

2nd Place-- Mood Indigo-- Jolene Mershon (Entry 68)

3rd Place-- Alphabet Miso Soup -- Bonnie Moate (Entry 75)

Master Division Two-Person Large Pieced (105) Coming today

1st Place-- Spangled -- Gail Stepanek (Entry 111)


2nd Place-- The Birds and the Bees -- Beckey Prior (Entry 106)


3rd Place-- Afternoon Delight -- Bonnie Moate  (Entry 97)

Artisan Division

Artisan Division Large Pieced (201)

1st Place-- Not awarded

2nd Place-- Shredders -- Gwendolyn Schindler (Entry 112)


3rd Place-- Aqua Bargello -- Linda L. Burk  (Entry 113)

Artisan Division Large Applique (202)

1st Place-- Basket Medallion-- Mary Schakleford Mikeska (Entry 117)


2nd Place-- Bowls & Vases -- Norma Bridges (Entry 122)


3rd Place-- Nature's Garden Collectors Series -- Mary Watterson  (Entry 121)


Artisan Division Wall Quilt (203)

1st Place-- Reflections on a Coral Reef  -- Jane Chance  (Entry 126)


2nd Place-- Cajun Dawn -- Jane Chance  (Entry 123)


3rd Place-- Flying Snowballs -- Jane Chance  (Entry 131)


Artisan Division Two-Person Wall Quilt (204)

1st Place-- Old Italian Cross -- Janet Carver (Entry 144)


2nd Place-- All Around the Brown -- Rachel Bryan Kent (Entry 146)


3rd Place-- Fiesta de Talavera -- Dee Ann Hodges (Entry 141)


Artisan Division Two-Person Large Pieced (205)

1st Place-- Seeing Red and Red Again -- Valerie Peters (Entry 155)


2nd Place-- O' Sew Rosie -- Margaret Wolf (Entry 156)


3rd Place-- Rose is a Rose -- Barbara Y. Young (Entry 158)

Artisan Division First Show Entry (206)

1st Place-- Fairy Tale Quilt -- Pam Dybvad (Entry 178)


2nd Place-- Sandy's Stars -- Sandra Holubec (Entry 187)


3rd Place-- Gossip in the Garden-- Norma Bridges (Entry 176)


Open Division


Open Division Small Traditional Quilts (301)

1st Place-- Little Buds -- Becky Holley (Entry 193)

2nd Place-- Yesteryear -- Terry Reese (Entry 190)

3rd Place-- Kaleidoscope -- Barbara Y. Young (Entry 192)


Open Division Small Contemporary Quilts (302)

1st Place-- Lincoln -- Monica Hendewerk (Entry 211)


2nd Place-- Flowers on the Boulevard -- Kerri Green (Entry 203)


3rd Place-- Seasons thru the Pines -- Becky Holley (Entry 215)


Open Division Art Quilts (303)

1st Place-- Elapid -- Karen K. Stone (Entry 242)


2nd Place-- Orbital Plane @1-- Heather Pregger  (Entry 218)


3rd Place-- Good Girl -- Karen K. Stone  (Entry 241)


Open Division Pictorial Quilts (304)

1st Place-- Fall in Maine -- Judy Kriehn (Entry 254)


2nd Place-- Hammocks Among the Aspens -- Rose-Clair Fletcher (Entry 252)


3rd Place-- Transition -- Barbara Olivera Hartman (Entry 245)

Open Division Digitized Quilts (305)

1st Place-- Affairs of the Heart for Mother -- Richard Larson (Entry 259)


2nd Place-- Midnight Explosion -- Anna Aldmon (Entry 262)


3rd Place-- Birds of Paradise -- Mary Watterson (Entry 260)


Open Division Other Techniques (306)

1st Place-- First Frost -- Janet Hutchison (Entry 266)


2nd Place-- Mona Lisa  -- Monica Hendewerk (Entry 275)


3rd Place-- Sundress -- Kathy Sibley (Entry 268)

Open Division Group/Friendship (307)

1st Place-- Taos Inn Monsoon -- Tamara Gross (Entry 291)


2nd Place-- My Lucky Stars -- Jill Isakson  (Entry 295)


3rd Place-- A Kaleidoscope of Color -- Vicki Owen (Entry 298)


Open Division Modern (308)

1st Place-- Wonky -- Lynette Koelzer (Entry 316)

Also Judge's Choice


2nd Place-- Neon Tackle -- Kerri Green (Entry 318)


3rd Place-- Manhattan -- Heather Pregger (Entry 317)

Also Judge's Choice winner


Open Division Seniors (309)

1st Place-- My Baltimore Album -- Sally Brown (Entry 344)


2nd Place-- Big Red -- Lynette Koelzer (Entry 343)


3rd Place-- High Flight -- Connie Hansen (Entry 341)


Open Division Show Chair Theme (310)

1st Place-- Double the Hipster -- Leo Ransom (Entry 349)


2nd Place-- Burchelli Stripes -- Cherry Freudiger (Entry 356)


3rd Place-- Kevin -- Carol Morrissey (Entry 354)













Dallas Quilt Show 2016 Time Lapse Video

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2020 Show

All events cancelled.