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The newsletter is a monthly publication, completely electronic. The file format is a standard pdf file, and we are working diligently to keep the file size manageable so that everyone will be able to access it. It will be emailed to the membership email subscription list and also posted to the website. If you are not on the emailing list, please go to the main webpage and sign up!
The most current newsletter will always be available from the main page of the website at the same URL. This way you can bookmark that location in your favorite browser and find the newsletter easily every month.
Once the next month newsletter is available, older issues will move to this page for archiving. We will try to keep as much history as possible here and still keep the page manageable.
If you are a guild member, please be advised that we do not include any phone numbers of members in the newsletter to protect their privacy. (the newsletter is available to anyone visiting the site.) If you need to contact a member, please look their information up in the directory, or contact a board member for the information.
If you are not a member of our guild, we encourage you to consider becoming one. Besides a monthly newsletter, members can attend all guild meetings free - and hear nationally recognized speakers. Members have entry fees waived for entering the judged show of the Dallas Quilt Celebration each year, one day's free entry to the show. Members can also join friendship groups, which are smaller groups of quilters who share common interests.
Email Notifications
The guild has established an email list to not only keep members informed of Guild information, but to send information to interested non-members regarding the annual Dallas Quilt Celebration.
If you would like to be added to this list, you may either use the joining link on the main page of the website OR you may send an email request to Marcia Hampton.