Dallas Quilt Celebration Appraisals

What is a quilt appraisal and why should you have one?

There are three basic types of appraisals:

  • Insurance Appraisal - determines the replacement value of your quilt or garment
  • Fair Market Appraisal - determines the market value - that figure arrived upon between a willing buyer and a willing seller, both with knowledge
  • Tax Donation Appraisal - for someone who wants to donate a piece for any reason to any type of organization or place, or to establish a value for an estate/family, often after a death

At Dallas Quilt Celebration, appraisals are conducted for insurance replacement value unless otherwise specified.

Why would you want an appraisal for insurance purposes?

You or someone you love probably put a lot of work into your quilted creation. However, if the quilt were to incur damage, be stolen or simply get lost in transit somewhere, without the precise documentation of an appraisal, you may not be fairly compensated for your loss.

American Quilter’s Society (AQS) Certified Appraisers will be available by appointment during the show to give written appraisals of quilts and quilted garments. The Appraisal Committee will schedule appraisal appointments to be conducted every half hour.

The appraisal process is not a critique of your work. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to be present for the appraisal. The completed appraisal will be mailed to you within ten days of the close of the show. (The appraisers have both communicated to us that they need the extra time to do a better job with outside library sources. They never know in advance what they are going to see at their table.) If you are bringing the item to be appraised but do not wish to lug the item(s) around all day, please take advantage of the show “package check” which will be near the appraisal area.

Information about scheduling an appraisal at the 2019 quilt show (including how to pay the appraisal fees) will be posted here in December.




Show Location

Dallas Market Hall:
NW corner of I-35E and Market Center Blvd.

Parking: 2000 spaces and large parking garage.

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Show Schedule

Schedule updates coming soon!