April 5, 2018 - Leo Ransom 

Lecture - Portraits in Quilting

  Born and raised in Bonham, Texas, and a resident of Sherman for the past 30 plus years.  I learned to do traditional piecing from my high school Home Economics teacher.  I then didn’t do anything with quilting for 15 years after that. Later, the quilting bug was resurrected when I needed to create a project for my family reunion and didn’t have any ideas.  That was in 1998 and I haven’t looked back since.

I joined the Sherman Quilt Guild in April of 2011.  The second meeting I went to, there was a quilt artist from whom I took two workshops.  Now I am more attracted to the artistic side of quilting than the traditional side.  I have started combining the two methods so I don’t forget the traditional side. 
Since learning the portrait techniques, I have taught classes and won awards as a mixed media artist and a quilt artist. My most prized win is a “Best in Show” in Adult Art.